By JackyMT

We got the white stuff again

Happy bands of boys and girls all sledging in the snow. They enjoyed it, but what I cant understand is why they closed the schools, it wasn't so bad , it had all gone by lunchtime and the sun was shining. In fact we set off to go shopping about 9.15 and the roads weren't that bad, bit of a tail back of traffic due mainly to careful drivers. Did two supermarkets, and we included a walk round Rothwell Park with Molly, where this pic was taken, and home by 11.45 with the snow just about gone and all the paths dry. Madness. 

I wonder what would be said if all the shops and businesses suddenly closed with notices up saying sorry our staff couldn't get in to work today for the snow or because the schools are closed and they have to stay at home and look after their children, (thank goodness for grandparents eh).............rant over 

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