Pictorial blethers

By blethers

High church ...

Not that we are, terribly - bells and smells only on high days and holy days, no lace - but physically Holy Trinity is high above the town of Dunoon, high above the road we reach it by. This photo gives some idea of that, with the deep gorge that is the burn from the Bishop's Glen cutting through on the left of the church drive and the house that sits there and the cleft of Kilbride Road at the foot of the hill on which these tall trees stand. On the left are the houses on the other side of the gorge, on the road that leads into the Bishop's Glen, and beyond to the right is the town, the sea and The Other Side.

I used to find the geography of my adopted home town hard to get a handle on, and I still marvel at the bold madness of building a church at the very back of the town on a hill long holy for its association with Saint Bride. Whatever inspired them - and it must often have seemed like a crazy idea - it is a beautiful, peaceful, spirit-filled place. Even if it is murder to get here in the snow ...

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