Expect the unexpected!

I was surprised to see it snowing when I got up this morning but thought nothing of it. As I prepared breakfast I enjoyed watching the thick heavy flakes falling fast and hard but observed that they were only laying on the tops of cars and walls. Then I got a text from a past college wondering how the roads were cause she wasn't she if it was wise to try and drive into her school.
Well...to me this seemed an over reaction as the roads were clear - just wet. (Photo of car)
However, as soon as I left Skipton I realised what she was on about! The snow was thick and laying all over. Even on the main roads with traffic. White and slippy! I got into Ilkley relatively easy (only really feeling annoyed that my phone had run out of space and I couldn't take any photos!) But as I turned up the hill to school the snow took over and won! With another car stuck ahead of me and my car not steering very well there was little I could do. After about 15mins I'd managed to get my car into a space and partially up on the pavement out of the way, where I abandoned it and walked the rest of the way into school.
Once the kids were settled and busy I quickly leaned out my door to take the snowy photo with my iPad. It had already stopped snowing by then. It was wet sticky snow, perfect for snowman building.
It was my break duty. Standing on the snow quickly turned it into ice!
By the time parents evening no.2 was over, the snow had practically gone!

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