By SpinRoundTheSun

Women at work

International women's day (yesterday) Blip challenge.

This isn't me, but I've been a fitness instructor on and off for 20 years while studying, carrying, birthing and raising children, often as a single mother. It requires strength, confidence, and knowledge as well as good people skills to be a good instructor and it's great that this role seems to be mostly dominated by women, and women who fit that bill.

In the broader sense, it's also where women work out. That takes determination, commitment and will power to become physically and mentally strong, and support from women around you helps immensely.

Strong and wild as we are, when I told everyone what I needed to take a photo of, there was still a bit of posing and at least one quick application of lip gloss... that's us women for ya, we're all things at once.

Happy international women's day sisters.

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