Spring like

These snowdrops were flattened during last week's snow, so I was pleased to see how they have perked back up now it has gone. There are 3 different breeds/types/kinds of snowdrops here, plus some aconites. They really like this spot and have flourished since they were planted 4 years ago. They will be replaced by the giant hosts, although not so giant this year. That hole to the right is where I dug a chunk of it out, and replanted. I hope both bits survive. My giant Lily also appears here. I enjoy waiting for these to all appear. For one thing, they give me blip opportunities in the coming months.

Our office was quiet today. Lots of people off, using up their annual leave. I had to use mine for the snow days. Thankfully the phones were quiet too. There is an awful lot of work to do (or should that be a lot of awful work?)

At lunchtime I went in search of affordable birthday presents and cards, paper etc for two 16 year old girls. Henry told me yesterday that he is going to a party on Saturday for the two girls. He didn't seem to think he needed to take presents. He has a lot to learn about the fairer sex!

On the bumpy bus home now so expect typos. Then off to Morrison's for my regular Friday night out! I hope my favourite cashier is working. We always chat. I like to think she remembers me, but she probably doesn't.

It's been a long tiring week. So glad it's over.

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