By dfb24


....as in the flower, not as in the English "mum", for FlowerFriday. :)))
A lovely, sunny day today, so even though the temperature is only in the 30's (F), it feels great to be outside! Jennie, Mae and I are going to walk over to the new coffee shop in a little bit. We all get in some exercise, and then reward ourselves with hot chocolate, or a smoothie or a coffee--whatever appeals to us once we get there. It hasn't been open very long so we like to support them--it's run by (two) sisters who are really friendly! They were telling us that all the coffee beans they use for their business come from their grandfathers' farm in Mexico, and that the farm has been in their family for generations! In fact, the name of their shop is "La Finca"--The Farm. The added bonus is that they know Jennie speaks Spanish and that she's teaching it to Mae, so both sisters speak to both my girls in Spanish, which they all enjoy, esp. when Mae answers in Spanish. It's amazing how quickly Mae has picked it up over the past 6 months or so, and she knows she can speak to Jennie and the coffee ladies in Spanish, but will turn and talk to me in English! :))
A big thanks to the ever traveling Anni/BikerBear for her hosting of FlowerFriday!

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