By dfb24

Silly Saturday

My daughter has a paper due by 1700 today, so I took Mae grocery shopping with me to give my daughter some quiet time. It’s not quite the same as going by myself.....first, Mae couldn’t climb up into her car seat because she needed to put her mittens on. Then she needed sunglasses because “the light hurts my eyes” (a direct quote from me, as that’s what I say to her every time she asks why I always wear sunglasses). Then she needed the towel I keep in the car put across her lap because she was cold. I told her she was acting like the Fussy Princess (a character in, and title of, a book by Mercer Meyer, & one of our favorites to read) & she got this huge grin on her face & said that she WAS the Fussy Princess!! I turned around when we parked at the store and thought she looked so funny with her towel and sunglasses, so I told her to make a funny face so I could get a picture. I told her before we left the car that she’d be sitting in the cart, not walking around loose in the store. We got half way to the store & she told me she’d push the cart....Nope says I.....“Yes, I AM pushing the cart” says Mae. So I had to crouch down, look her in the eye, and tell the Fussy Princess she had a choice. She could sit in the cart, or we’d go back home. She looked at me for a moment then said “Grandma, I just kidding. I not the Fussy Princess. I sit in cart.” Good answer! Haha! She was really helpful, very well behaved, & it only took me, all in all, about an hour longer than it would have had I gone alone—of course, had I gone alone, it wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining! :))
Thanks admirer, for hosting SillySatuday.

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