Gargoyle at Rosslyn Chapel

Last night's late night took its toll. Poor Mr hazelh and I have been very tired all day. Nevertheless, in the morning he went out for a run and I made some delicious beetroot soup from our dinner party left-overs.

This afternoon we drove over to Rosslyn Chapel with the Foxes. This was the first visit ever for the Foxes, and Mr hazelh had not been there since all the recent investment in the Chapel and new visitor centre made possible thanks to the Da Vinci code. My last visit was also some time ago (with my Canadian cousins and don_T and her sweetie, I think in 2010?) so some of it was also 'new' to me too.  As can be seen from my blip, the chapel looked lovely against the blue sky, and we also enjoyed looking at the carvings in the interior (see the extra), as well as the speech made by one of the guides.

Afterwards we called into IKEA and Costco for a couple of purchases (taking advantage of our visitors' car and store membership cards). Then it was home for a supper of soup and salad and a game of Catan (a whitewash win for you-know-who).

We managed to watch a little bit of television after the game. We introduced the Foxes to Inside number 9, and started to watch a film. We gave up on the latter because we were so tired. We'll resume it tomorrow when rain is expected to keep us indoors.

Exercise today: minimal walking (5091 steps).

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