Today's fun centred around cake, Catan, and curry.

This morning I popped out to the butcher and the supermarket to buy ingredients. Then I spent the early afternoon cooking. I made three curries in total: (1) chicken, courgette and mushroom; (2) lamb, tomato and aubergine; (3) Mediterranean vegetable. With these we had samosas and pakoras, naan breads, and rice. Pudding was apple pie and ice cream.

Our guests started to arrived at 3:30pm. In total we were 14:

Mr hazelh
Clarissa Fox
Mr Fox
Dr S

After tea and cake we split into groups for three simultaneous games of Catan. Two groups played at the kitchen table (blipped here, and from the other end of the table in nadinepierce's blip for today), and the other took up camp in the hall (see the extra). The winners of round 1 were Sally (kitchen 1), Grant (kitchen 2), and me (hall). After a break for supper we played another two games in tandem. Sally won one and Richard the other. Thus Sally was declared overall winner of our grand Catan championship.

Towards the end of the evening those with stamina played another game called 'For sale'. I bowed out at this point, too tired to concentrate after all the earlier excitement.

It has been a truly wonderful afternoon and evening spent with an amazing set of friends.

Exercise today: walking (10,059 steps)

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