It was our last day at The Harbour Grand Hotel in Kowloon and in case I didn't get anything else for Silly Saturday, I decided that I would Blip the two cups of coffee with the harbour in the background.  And why, might you ask, are they silly - well, when you have paid "an arm and a leg" for your hotel and the coffee is rubbish so you have to go out and buy coffee at the local coffee shop, that's silly!

There is no photographic proof of a Silly Saturday incident just after we left our room with our suitcases;  when we were in the lift, we were rather crammed in with a lot of other people - everyone got out and Mr. HCB wheeled one suitcase out followed by about eight people.  Before I could get my suitcase out, the lift doors closed and instead of pressing the "doors open" button, someone must have called the lift from the 21st floor, so up we went!  When the lady on the 21st floor got in, I was almost collapsing with a fit of the giggles - I'm sure she thought I had lost my marbles, but when I explained to her what had happened, her comment was "Well I just hope your husband waited for you!"  I'm sure you get the "Silly Saturday" picture!

We had arranged to meet Sandy at Pier 3 ready to get the ferry over to Discovery Bay and that worked out well.  We checked out from our hotel and the bell boy called a taxi for us - while we were waiting we saw two girls, who we think may have been on a "hen" weekend, with a large blow-up Minnie and Mickey Mouse.  So two down and a few to go!

On the way, I saw a couple of street names that made me smile - Yiu Sing Street, which was rather appropriate because Sandy was at a Worship Group Practice for the service at their church tomorrow morning and also Gloucester Road, which is near to where Mr. HCB goes when the cricket season starts, although I doubt that in England they have the name written underneath in Chinese!  We also saw the equivalent of the London Eye - the Hong Kong Eye and fortunately, the sky was blue and it looked good - however, I don't think we will have time to have a go on this!

We arrived at Pier 3 and had a few minutes to wait before Sandy arrived so I was very surprised to see my next "Silly Saturday" entry - two dogs being transported in a pushchair, so I asked the lady pushing them if I could take a photograph - I think she was rather pleased because when I had finished, she kept bowing to me!

I wasn't really looking forward to the ferry trip, but considering I'm not keen on boats, I think I did quite well - but then Sandy and I were chatting for most of the journey and you will see from the collage, that it is rather a large ferry.  

We were very touched when we arrived at Sandy and Martin's, to find another gift and card - and so the celebrations continue - we are enjoying this "stretched out" Golden Wedding!

My fourth picture for Silly Saturday is when we went out for a wander around Discovery Bay - two more dogs, sitting beautifully before being put into a doggie pushchair - in fact, there were about five dogs, but they didn't all sit at the same time, so these two near the bottom of the collage are having their 15 minutes of fame on Blip!  

There is also a lovely photograph of Sandy next to a beautiful begonia - this is not a Silly Saturday entry and neither is the photograph of the "love locks" in a heart shaped frame - reminiscent of those in Paris.

When we were walking round North Plaza, we saw a beautiful young Japanese model, so I couldn't resist taking a photograph of her - mine was done "in a click" but the official photographer took much more time - but I was very pleased with my shot - hope his turned out well too.

My last Silly Saturday picture is Martin cleaning the windows - not such a silly thing, you might think - but they are four floors up and he did have to lean out quite a long way.  Actually, for me, the silliest thing was that Sandy was holding on to Martin's belt so that he wouldn't fall - but as I said, if he did fall, all that would happen was that his trousers would come off - now that WOULD be a Silly Saturday Blip!!

My extra photograph shows Mr. HCB hugging the trifle that Sandy kindly made for him - I had apparently said in one of my Blips that he loves them, so she made one especially for him - she is really spoiling him.  I can see he is going to expect treatment like this when we get home - now that is silly!

Many thanks for your kind comments, stars and heart for yesterday's collage - we know that we will be quite busy for the next couple of days, but we are looking forward to being with Sandy and Martin in their home - and going to their church tomorrow.

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