By CoffeePotter

Tree Creeper

We spotted this little Treecreeper running up the side of a tree outside our kitchen window. I went to get my camera and typically, he disappeared. We waited a while and didn't spot him, then C noticed some movement on another tree and there he was again (unless there are two or more of course).
He's only about the size of a wren and is very well camouflaged, so unless we see him in silhouette at the side of the tree, he's very difficult to spot or to photograph.
My extra is of our family who are having great fun in the snow at the moment, in Japan where they are on holiday for a week. They've been snowmobiling, skiing, sledging, building an igloo, and ice-fishing, after which  the fish was cooked for them to eat. It looks as though the snow is really deep there. They're having a great time, as the children  have never seen snow before except for one storm on a mountain in Taiwan. It's now about 14 months since we last saw them, so it's lovely that they send lots of photos to us. 

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