Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Lightening the gloom

Today was a bit of a washout in a few ways. I should have been up bright and early and off to the Scottish Women's Convention at the Parliament. It looks to have been a great day and I'm still fed up that I wasn't there. I wasn't there because I had a cough like a St Bernard and felt grim at 7am. Even if I'd been ok, I'd have missed the ferry I needed to catch because I heard on the radio that it was off because of wind (there was little at that time, but there you are). And then, ten minutes before the crucial ferry sailed, they announced it was on again. Too late. But then, I wasn't going anyway. And it rained all day. It's still raining.

But then a man came to the door with these flowers. He had to make two trips, because he couldn't carry the chocolates as well. And later the postman delivered a card that contained chocolate cake made with Guinness. I was overcome, really - I have two sons, and both of them made today much better - until the rugby, of course. 

But it could have been a complete washout. Thanks, chaps!

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