Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Hail, hail ...

Yet another hailstorm approaching down the length of Loch Eck, and down Glen Massan to the left ... there was no way we were going to escape this weather. But we had the gear - the warm Paramo jacket, the windproof fleece-lined-not-quite-waterproof trousers, the hat, the boots - and yet again we were saving our sanity. A tension headache (makes the top of my head feel as if I've combed long hair the wrong way) seems to be caused by anticipation of the coming week, and a walk, even in this weather, helps.

A thought from this morning: If you're a church person, you may be familiar with the hymn that begins "Jesu, grant me this, I pray ...". We sang it this morning, and I remembered when our church had a choir, with child trebles and adults in the other parts, and we all were a great deal younger than I am now, and we all sang - nay,  trilled - the verse that goes: "Death will come one day for me...". At the time I thought it was quite amusing, that we sang it with such carefree disregard. 

Not sure how I sing it now ...

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