By seizetheday

Mother's day...

...and this morning a huge bouquet of the most beautiful tulips was delivered! Thank you, Lucy. The blip really doesn't do them justice.

Another relatively early start, and MrM went off to O and V's with Louie to let out the chickens and ducks. Then, after breakfasting on the freshest of eggs, it was a working day. MrM continued with the floor in the 'Music room', and for me it was a day of cleaning. Our new window cleaner came for the first time during the week, and made a very good job on the outside of the windows, highlighting the grime on the inside. Guess what my first task was! The next job was attempting to remove the layer of dust that seems to have descended over everything in the flat - though I suspect that it won't be long before MrM creates the next layer.

Looking forward to a relaxing evening...

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