By seizetheday

Kerria (and the placebo effect)

OK, so Friday's big blue pill must have had something of a placebo effect to start with, but it didn't last for long. Anyway, the GP phoned first thing this morning to let me know that the lab results had come in, and his tentative initial diagnosis was wrong - I have a different infection, and could pick up a prescription for antibiotics at the surgery. Hate taking antibiotics - the list of possible side effects on these belongs in a horror story - but needs must! Fingers crossed...

Wild, windy, bitterly cold and grey, and I ventured out only to pick up a few essentials from local shops. In the 'yard, the plants are ignoring the coldest weather we've had in weeks, and continuing to rush headlong in to Spring. The kerria flowers are doing a grand job of brightening up a dark corner!

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