By Veronica

Spring colours

An emergency blip of some tulips. I bought them for my A Year With My Camera homework, but I don't seem to have got around to doing anything with them. Guess I'll just wait for them to wilt now.

Busy all weekend with choir practice. Yesterday we spent four hours on two pieces with a total running time of about 15 minutes ... it did not augur well for the rest, but we did manage to get through the whole programme over the weekend. And we managed to sing the whole ghastly Pärt Cantate Domino all the way through with no mistakes. First time ever.  It's rare that I dislike a piece more every time I sing it, but this has broken that rule.

Now we have a month's gap before the final pre-concert rehearsal. Which will also be the first time we get to sing with the accompaniment. Could be interesting ...

At lunchtime today I got sunburnt arms while sitting outside for half an hour. I got home this afternoon and within minutes there were flashes of lightning, crashes of thunder, and showers of hail. It must be spring.

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