a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Red light, green light

Experimental Photography: Bichromatic

A delightfully enjoyable Sunday, with lunch and afternoon tea at my sister Janet's.  A roast lamb dinner was followed by a choice of deserts, and then there as cake in the afternoon after a hard fought game of scrabble.  I was driving so sadly did not get to enjoy any of Incredibish's wonderful collection of things spiritual or spirited as a post lunch digestif, but it was Mother's Day and therefore Cathy's turn not to have to drive which seems only fair. :-)

Both our offspring have rung and spoken to their Mum, so all is well in that respect.  In addition we even got to see my niece Charlie via Skype (she is currently at Harvard and was visiting my brother and his wife Sarah in Framingham, Massachusetts today).  Its been snowing properly over there.  I know we think we've had it bad over here, but they have had 300,000 homes without electricity, courtesy of the recent snowstorms, and this  in a country where they are much more used to heavy snowfall than we are.

It is a new week of Marcus Hedger's experimental photography challenge, with the topic bichromatic. So here for you is an effort in red and green.  This is actually a bit of my home recording studio - in every day parlance this is the box that takes the inputs from the instruments and enables the computer software to deal with it. Its much cleverer than that, but I won't go on.  We're trying to get the band together to record some stuff together at the moment, and this bit of kit is fundamental to being able to do that.  Unfortunately getting everyone in the same room at one time is surprisingly difficult - there are 7 of us and we each have far too many other commitments.  We may manage the end of April although even that seems to be in doubt just at the moment.

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