Ilkley Paradesio

Ilkley used to boast two cinemas in its heyday, the last one to close was in 1969.
Since then multiplex cinemas have sprung up in nearby cities and retail parks.
So we film buffs had to travel a few miles to see any new release.
Don’t think many of us expected to see another cinema return to the town.
Then a couple of years ago : a local family changed part of this building into a boutique cinema, seating only 57 and it is the smallest 4K cinema in Europe.
( not quite sure what the 4K means)
It’s been raining heavily overnight and all day and l couldn’t really think of a building to blip.
But as we passed here in the car after our respective spinning and Zumba sessions, l didn’t bother looking any further.
Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting MonoMonday this month.

RIP Ken Dodd....we saw him many many years ago and all those stories about his shows going on for hours are true.
Think he was on stage four and a half hours telling jokes non stop!

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