Murky Metheringham

I swear the place has a permanent black cloud above it, dropping a steady stream of rain. I got soaked walking from the station to my parents' place today, and consequently spent the whole day cold and wet. 

I had a few of the usual jobs to do, and had to make another Doc's appointment for my Dad as his foot is still playing up.

I got another soaking walking back to the station and waiting on the platform as the shelter was occupied by a rowdy bunch with a dog. For the first time in all the years I've been making the regular trek over there, no seats were available on the train today, and I had to stand all the way back. 

Finally home, I put my pyjamas on and put my wet clothes onto the radiator ready for walking to Tesco's an hour or so later. I was so glad to get that done, and finally be able to get properly dried out and warmed up!

This photo of a (much edited) puddle was taken on the soggy hike back to the station. I took my camera when I went to Tesco too, but the battery packed up after one out-of-focus shot of a squirrel, so a puddle it is! Quite apt really...

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