By schorschi

Eating alone perhaps

First, let me say this is not my work but from a design company JÜTA ENTERPRISES of Zürich who went into liquidation in the late 90s and have been removed from the Swiss Company Listings. I cannot, therefore, contact them.

The contract to produce this postcard, one of a series of six in my possession, was given by my then employer Grand Metropolitan Retailing as marketing giveaways in the restaurants.

The start of the company's involvement in this business is described earlier.
There is no real reason for this post but I wanted to record the final postcard in the series of six which I have posted over the last 18 months or so. I rather like them and really ought to frame them (writing this in 2018 and they still aren't)

I was indeed at the Spaghetti Factory in Nürnberg today and tomorrow. My diary doesn't note why. I may have been myself or had joined up with one of my team, probably Rudi.

The other five postcards are at

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