In hospital

Today was the day of my operation. It started early with a 06:30am walk to the hospital with Mr hazelh. Twelve hours later, back at home Mr hazelh tucked me up in bed to start my recovery.

Up until today, whenever anyone has asked me about how I feel about the operation, I have responded by drawing comparisons with the discomfort of a night-time transatlantic flight from the west coast of the US squashed in economy. I believed that the time in hospital would be more comfortable because (a) you lie down most of the time and (b) the people looking after you are very kind.

This turned out to be the case today. I could not have been better cared for. I am extremely grateful for the NHS, and to everyone who has worked together so far to rid me of this deadly disease.

I blip my hospital gown - oh the glamour!

Exercise today: walk to the hospital (5,091 steps)

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