What a lovely day:-

By BKeeper

to Be Vigilant

All beekeepers in the UK have been warned to be on the look out for the advance of the Asian Hornet.  This nastie beastie attacks honey bees in the vicinity of their hives and can do a lot of damage to a colony.

Last year the  Asian Hornet was discovered in the Channel Islands and also at Tetbury in Gloucestershire and steps were taken to deal with hornets' nests.  However it will only be in this Spring when we will know the eradication has been successful.

Meanwhile beekeepers are advised to set up hornet traps near their hives.

So this is my home made attempt at a trap and it will also catch wasps as well. Happily it cost me nothing to produce and whilst making it one had the distinct feeling that Heath Robinson was peering over one's shoulder....

The liquid in the bottle is simply a mixture of hot water and some old jam with a bit of yeast added.

Well we will see what happens next....

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