By Saffi

Lungwort or Pulmonaria

This beautiful plant with its spotted leaves is related to Borage, both coming under the Boraginceae family of plants.  It is native to Europe and western Asia and was used to treat ailments of the lungs, its spotted leaves supposedly resembling ulcerations of the lungs.  But more importantly in the garden it provides early pollen for the bees.

Sunny day.  N and I planted a young Horse Chestnut tree in the field nearby. A young person on remand planted the conker and gave the seedling to my brother who was teaching him carpentry at the time.  R has no room for it in his garden and gave it to us and at last it has found a home after a year!

The foot trimmer was here trimming the cows' feet all morning.  They were also PDed (pregnancy testing).  We were a little nervous as one of our young bulls had to be returned to the breeder not having put his small number of cows in calf.  We were thrilled to hear that the Aberdeen Angus bull who is also a relative newcomer had great success.  Only one cow was not in calf and the vet said her insides felt abnormal. Unfortunately she will have to go.  We also passed the TB test last week which is a great relief! 

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