Old Brick Red (widwed140318)

Another grey day which has made wide Wednesday more of a challenge :-)

These brick walls are either side of a walkway linking the village square to the primary school and another path around to our house.  I like the way the three different sections look together and I hope the little patch of Spring peeking over the wall on the right helps with this week's theme of colour.

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In the extras, three images from the railway cutting behind our house. The developers who built ours and our neighbours 4 houses have said they are interested in selling the land  and we have been exchanging emails on prices etc.  I ended up acting as a coordinator :-)
We have reached the stage where Gill and I and our immediate neighbours are keen enough to go further and get an independent valuation done. Our other neighbour bought their section a few years ago, so we have an idea of what is possible given some a lot of tidying up. A mini nature reserve is what we would be aiming for, the bottom of the cutting floods in winter so we see newts, frogs and a good variety of bird life. 

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