Lost in Thought

By steveng

When in Doubt

... Fling it Out!

Sorry it's another diary blip - not feeling too good on account of something I ate :-(

We've had such fun helping Rachel and Tim de-clutter their house we decided to make a start on some of our accumulated junk.  Changing the car(s) has led to us sorting out the insurance and registration documents, and in the same box we found bank statements from 2005!  No idea why we kept them?

We might keep the marriage & birth certificates, but documents from long since completed mortgage and electricity agreements keep surfacing.  We're setting aside anything which might be a risk for identity theft and binning the rest. e.g. I can't imagine anyone would want to read Legal and General's predictions for an early 90s endowment policy!

Credit where it is due - I managed to sort out the car tax on-line without any Victor Meldrew moments - and the insurance changes are trundling along nicely.

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