Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Look lively, ladies!

I am really enjoying looking after the neighbor's chickens while they are away.  Today they were all outside foraging around the farm and when I pulled in, they ran towards the car, chuckling softly to themselves.  In the lead was the little speckled hen, the one I have a special fondness for.  She followed me everywhere I went, hoping for mealworms.  And when I finally got some out for her, she jumped up to try to get them from my hand.  You can see a shot of her, against a snowy background, in Extra - she's gorgeous, isn't she?

So, why didn't I blip her?  Well, honestly, I just laughed at this photo when I saw it - love the way their feathers are all ruffled and their little feet are flying.  They didn't want to be late for whatever I might be handing out.  

And speaking of handouts... those of you who keep chickens won't be at all surprised by this, but I was.  As I was gathering eggs (over 2 dozen today!) I came across one that was broken.  I tossed it out into a snow bank and before you could say "dinner" a mass of chickens and one rooster were on it.  A minute later nothing was left - not even a fragment of shell.  It was amazing!

I've had such fun looking at all the "up close" Tiny Tuesday entries.  And I'm going to post results tomorrow, I promise.  You've made it very, very difficult to narrow down to just 10 top picks - there are so many wonderul images.

A little more snow today - just flurries.  Feels like this winter is never going to end...


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