Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Getting to the point

So, let's get right to the point of today's post which is to announce my top picks for TinyTuesday, aided by none other than Ada, the Tiny Cleaner.  Ada insisted on buffing the point of the pen before we got to the big news of the day. So, without further nonsense adieu, Tiny Hearts go to the following Blippers
dbf24 because who doesn't love a hard-working team of  health-lovingTinies
Welshmaid50 for a beautiful image in the theme of a great classic movie

Trisharooni for a beautifully photographed beetle – because, you know I’m a sucker for a good arthropod

Rainie  for her ethereal image of Scotch thistle
V1k1 for a beautiful image of a monarch against a lovely white background – do be sure to read how she did it without any editing

And Tiny Honorable Mentions to these Blippers
artyfartyannie for an entry that just made me chuckle

LooseCanon for an intriguing image that kept drawing me back for another look

JDO for a lovely monarch on milkweed, because everyone should get to see monarchs
AJC because how could I possibly resist a green spider?
Kipsie for a beautiful orb created entirely by nature

No theme for next week, but I'm open to ideas for a theme for the following week which will mark the 200th TinyTuesday challenge.  Suggestions welcome, just put them in comments below.

Today's blip is just two images stacked so that the pen point and the Tiny would be in focus, leaving the rest of the DOF shallow.

Thanks to Hanulli for continuing the tiny people challenge!


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