Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Looks aren't everything...

Last year, a Carolina Wren showed up with a deformed bill - the ends are completely crossed over each other meaning that he's had to adapt the way he forages.  But, the little guy has proven to be made of sturdy stuff and seems to manage just fine. (You can see him HERE)  Several months ago, I was pretty sure he'd found a mate - today I confirmed it. He was seen in the company of this female for a good part of the day - he singing and she doing that strange little rattle that apparently only the females do.  Obviously, she's seen beyond his physical imperfections.

I am definitely seeing some improvement from the steroids - finally!  Although I'm still coughing, it's much less often and much less severe.  I even braved the grocery store today and managed not to cough a single time.  Yay, me.

And speaking of the grocery store...what is WRONG with people???  There is not a single cleaning product on the shelves.  No toilet paper, very little meat or poultry in the butcher's case, hardly any dried beans or pasta.  It's just utter insanity.  I limited myself to 2 bottles of pasta sauce, two cans of tomatoes, 2 packages of pasta and 2 bags of dried beans.  And some pears, avocados and blood oranges.  I refuse to become part of this madness.  I'll post a shot of the cleaning aisle shelves in Extra - insane.

I did a little cleanup in my second small pollinator garden today, removing spent stalks to make way for new growth.  My daffodils are about to bloom (which will be a new record) and the iris are almost done.  It's been a very weird and mild winter. 

Hubs and his partners were at the race track today to test the car - while one problem has been fixed, another lingers.  So, more time at the Man Cave in the near future.  

I'm now going to retire to the sofa where it's possible that a nap might break out...


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