Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Code Red

Counting my blessings that a cardinal presented himself mere minutes after I went outside - blip in the bag.  

It's gloriously warm out today so I lingered for a while in the hide listening to the chorus of songs from the woods - finches, robins, titmice, and carolina wrens.  A lovely symphony indeed.  

I don't want to jinx myself but I think my cough may be getting better.  I am still having fits of deep coughing, but less of them.  Fingers crossed.

Hubs ventured out to pick up some groceries and necessities today and said that the shelves are bare of tissues, cold medicine and antibacterial supplies.  Stores are limiting purchases (as they should) but there simply isn't anything on the shelves.  It is a very unsettling time right now, for just about everyone in the world.  In the US, tests are still scarce and those with "mild symptoms" aren't eligible for testing, at least not in my state.  To me, this just makes the chances of community spread even greater. I wish I had confidence that we had this under control, but I don't.  So, let's all proceed with "an abundance of caution".  

Same message as yesterday - wash your hands. Stay out of crowds. Be smart.  Be kind. 


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