Every home needs a unicorn

So, I bought this crocheted unicorn for my baby niece’s baptism. It’s not until May, and we’ve grown rather fond of it. It’s currently keeping Bluppet Cousteau company since his friends, The Three Amigos continued on their journey.

This morning at school, my neck muscles spasmed. I got a heat pack and carried on. An hour and a bit later, I felt very dizzy and nauseous. I managed to get to the school nurse, who took my blood pressure, declared it very low (80) and demanded that I lie down with my feet raised. Twenty minutes later, she took it again and it had risen to 100.

She wouldn’t let me drive home, so my lovely in laws drove out to get me.

I slept all afternoon and then went to the doctor. They have diagnosed that the neck pain has caused the majority of the problem, twinned with low iron and me not eating enough.

I’ve been sent for blood tests to see if we can work out if there’s anything else.

In other news: my beautiful Cousteau’s ashes are now home. It’s weird. The little wooden box brings me no comfort. It just is.


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