All the colors of our landscape today. Nothing spectacular, but all very nice. 

Amadeus is doing bit better. He's still not walking long, but at least he is walking to the nearest peeing point. At some point this morning (after painkiller) he brought me a toy and we played a bit. That was really heartwarming. 

I did some new soundproofing tricks for the bedroom and am quite intrigued to find out if that improved the situation. We've been investigating a lot with one of the Welsh neighbors (who's in Wales at the moment). She actually visited some manufacturer back there and got some new information. I've too learned so much about soundproofing and sound absorbing, about different materials and decibels and what kind of materials muffle how many decibels at best and whatnot. And what we have concluded is that we have a very challenging noise problem ( and experts are saying that it might not be possible to block all the noise but we can muffle it. The thing is that DIY might result to about same muffling effect as the expensive materials, so we are now in the try DIY and see what we can come up with. With about 200€ we can see if there's any improvement and then we can decide if we want to invest thousands. The noise we get is low frequency through the concrete (for us it's a ceiling). If anyone has found a working solution pls share. Always willing to hear new ideas. The noise coming from outside the house is now hopefully under control.

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