An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Twist and Shout...

Kirsteen the physio had a job lot today.  Alan and me!

She arrived at midday to assess  Alan on dry land (on top of his bed to be exact) then when that was complete he transferred to the pool and had a pool assessment.  He's only met Kirsteen once briefly last week, but was very receptive to her, well she is blonde so that's not surprising.

While Kirsteen was grabbing a bite of lunch, I sneaked into the pool to warm up.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect from her but I am delighted to say we spent a very productive hour in the pool.  

I showed her a bit of what I'd been doing on my own and I was pleased to learn that I've been on the right track, I just needed to think about other muscle groups and what they should be doing whilst I focus on a specific exercise.  She also gave me new exercises to try, some of which I managed straight away and others I really have to concentrate to make sure I am doing them properly.  As ever, the most difficult thing is making sure my body is doing in reality, what I think it is doing in my head. 

By the end of the hour I really felt I had worked hard but I enjoyed it all, so I know that will keep me motivated, especially when I will have music playing.  That's always a good motivator to move.

Kirsteen was just leaving and I was just showered and dressed when Ele and Kenny arrived.  They'd been at Cromlix for lunch (we could have joined them but I was keen to have my pool physio assessment) and had had a lovely time.  It was lovely to catch up with them and they were meant to be here for tea but their lunch was more substantial than they realised it would be so whilst David and I had the planned salmon stirfry, they had toast and tea! :-))

They both commented on how much calmer Lola was when they arrived (usually she goes nuts but she just gave them lots of licks and let them tickle her tummy) and we were very proud of her.  That is until she showed off her new party trick (started yesterday) of jumping on the sofa, putting her paws over the back of it and humping the back cushion!  Honestly!!  That girl has no shame!!

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