Breakey Blips

By ElizabethB

12, 3 and 2.

These are the world famous 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road (there's been a couple lost since the last roll call).
These are the world notorious 3 Amigos

And introducing Les Deux Amies!

We camped without a tent last night in the utterly beautiful Blanket Bay. We had bivvy bags, but still got rather damp during a brief but torrentially heavy 3am rain shower. Then the stars came out on such magnitude that it felt too bright! The boys were safe and dry, tucked out of reach from the surprisingly active koalas and wallabys.

After visiting the 12 Apostles, we went to the nearby Loch Ard gorge for a very civilised picnic of bacon butties and a cuppa. I am worried about whether we have corrupted the Amigos, for I swear they were begging for the bacon!
All is not lost, for they found time to sit back, and watch the sea and the ridiculous selfie contortions going on in front of them. (See my extras)

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