Breakey Blips

By ElizabethB

Take your dog to work day

This church is my workplace, or at least it is one of my three workplaces.

It seems strange to think of a church in that way, but being a vicar is very much a labour of love, with some blood, sweat and tears thrown in.

The 3 Amigos were very calm and well behaved, as is my general experience of dogs in church. We decided to light 3 candles; one for each of the Amigos' dopplegangers still at home with Kelso.

We had a baptism of a 5 month old baby girl this morning. One minute she was watch me carefully with her intensely blue eyes, and the next she relaxed and fell asleep. I would love to take credit as a baby whisperer, but the poor love must have been shattered with all the excitement in the family getting out to church.
It was lovely to nurse a sleeping baby again, what a precious wee dot!

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