Breakey Blips

By ElizabethB

Footie Training

Australian Rules Football is a very big deal in the state of Victoria, whereas other states have a greater focus on rugby league. ( not proper rugby to my mind)
After spending 21 years in this country, I still don't truly care about "footie". It is interminable (to me), pretty rough and has an unfathomable scoring method. So can you appreciate my bewilderment when my 12yr old announced that he wanted to try out as a footie umpire. This means a minimum of 2 hours a week in the car for me while he trains for this wintet spirt, plus taking him to a variety of regional footie clubs to do his thing during matches.
Of course,I will support him in this slightly bizarre idea, so that's the whinge over.

On the other hand, the three amigos enjoyed checking out the net bag full of spare balls, though what umpires need with a ball is beyond me!

So after our visit to the Geelong Cats this evening, and as the weather closes in for the rest of the week, I will organise to send the boys on their way. What a fun visit we have had.

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