Lots of wood.

Hiked out on the Snout Track with outstanding views of Queen Charlotte Sound. Visited the Edwin Fox museum and tried to get onto the Kaipupu reserve. 
Although the views of the Sound were spectacular I posted a view yesterday. The blip today is of the Edwin Fox,  a ship with a very interesting history. It is the 2nd oldest surviving merchant ship, the oldest surviving ship that transported convicts from Britain to Australia and the oldest surviving sailing ship that transported immigrants from Britain to New Zealand. On top of that it acted as a hospital/ troop ship in the Crimea War with Florence Nightingale on board. 
The extra is a view of a logs waiting to be loaded onto a ship,  that I spotted while unsuccessfully trying to get into a nature reserve. We came across a high "predator" proof fence and discovered the only way onto the reserve is by boat. 

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