By don_T

Velodrome Indoor Cycling Training

Session 3 of 4 working towards obtaining our velodrome certification. I think we have officially crossed over to 'hooked'. It is such a rush to get in the groove of it all, learning the terms, language, safety protocol and get a great workout. 6 women and 12 men (my sweetie included) have passed the 1st two sessions to make it to today. We worked on passing as groups, then interchanges, while riding in groups. There are lanes or highways on the 48 degree track and it is crucial everyone knows how to ride safely as one little error can cause many to fall. We were again riding up above the blue line which is such a rush, especially when you to pass up there. Average speeds are 25-30 km an hr. The group of experts before us had one fellow in the mid 40kms an hr, over 30-60 minute work outs - it is crazy! My sweetie and i were up early and off to rowing this morning (for him) and then i taught the weekly Pilates/rowga (yoga for rowers) class. We then convened at the local Irish Pub for our usual breakfast (celebrating St Patricks Day) then off to the velodrome. Quiet night at home prepping for my yoga class tomorrow morning, followed by our final velodrome class!

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