We did it! Velodrome Certified!

After 4 ninety minute sessions spread over 2 weekends, a month apart, we earned our certification cards. I was so very proud of my sweetie! He is in top physical form and had outstanding cardio and power but is not a cyclist. In fact he has not even been on his brand new hybrid road bike - we are waiting for better weather. We both did phenomenally well. We worked on drills like 'thread the needle' to make us comfortable with riding in close proximity and passing. There was an accident/pile up that happened with group 1 (we were group 2) in the 1st few minutes. The leader didnt get enough speed up and slid off the track and the others plowed in to them - a valuable lessin to us all. One was injured, the rest were rattled (us included). Super cool, super stoked and feeling very accomplished and proud to have passed this tough level... Now on to some extra skill training and drop in sessions.

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