By wellsforzoe

Hostel and Classrooms

17th March 2018:

This is our new building at our Center for Learning.
Downstairs we have two new classrooms and some storage for the Horticulture people.

Upstairs we have a space where people can come and stay, like:
Women who come to do training or pump maintenance or Preschool care
The students we support can come for Break-time and Summer courses.
where we have matrons to look after them.
Recently issues have arisen where we need to take our girls out of a dangerous environment and give them respite until Florence, head of our Girl Child Project, hag an opportunity to make alternative arrangements.
This will be very short stay with again a matron to look after them. 
This will be for the occasional extreme circumstances and situations, which arise quickly and are difficult to foresee.

Of course this will be ideal office space and a room for teaching computing. 

Its going on a while now, with wet weather,  but we are getting closer

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