Midnight blizzard

A full-on family day. In the afternoon Chris, Lizzy, Pete and I went over to Spalding to see Molly, for a belated Mother's Day visit. She had a severe chest infection last weekend, nasty at any age, but potentially fatal at 90. The first round of antibiotics and steroids had little effect, but fortunately the second combination worked, and although she's still quite frail, she's definitely on the mend. Communication was a bit difficult, as she still has a sinus infection, which has affected her hearing and eyesight - so at times the conversation was quite surreal!

I took over afternoon tea - freshly baked sausage rolls, scones to go with jam and clotted cream and a lemon drizzle cake - thinking it would be a nice surprise. She was so appreciative, especially of the lemon drizzle cake which was zesty but easy to eat. We also took along an orchid (a half price Mother's Day left-over) which she loved.

In the evening we celebrated St. Patrick's day by having a delicious meal of Irish stew with soda bread, accompanied by Guinness and Irish cider and listening to The Pogues. We then watched an Irish film called 'Young Offenders' which I can thoroughly recommend. I drove Chris and Lizzy home in fairly heavy snow, and, realising I'd not got my camera out all day, I took a few experimental shots of the falling snow lit by the street lamp outside our house. With the strong easterly wind it was virtually horizontal a lot of the time - almost a blizzard!

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