By Bella888

MM217:- (Was once) Exotic

Cavolo Nero, a variety of kale (also known as Black or Tuscan Cabbage and Lacinato) has only recently become available in the UK. Thanks to Lidl, Asda.Waitrose - and the growers in Lincolnshire and elsewhere.

So is it Exotic? Well, it was some ago. As a child Italy seemed a far flung country. In the absence of photo-worthy Exotica at home, Cavolo Nero will have to do.

Much appreciated in Tuscany where it is used for ribollita (thick Tuscan bread soup), and for risotto, pasta and other soups etc.

I used to love ribollita when I lived in Florence. A real peasant food, found in traditional trattorie. So now, when I have some stale sourdough, I occasionally make my own drizzled with unfiltered Italian olive oil.

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