Where's BikerBear ..........

 ............. Now?   (WBBN)

19/26 ........

In a different hotel in a different area ...... this is the local fish/meat market .... the veggie market was behind me as I took this but the stalls were that close together it was hard to get an overview.
I like the way the fish side is blue and the meat side is red ..... 

In the extras are:

The local (cheap) transport

An inventive use of an old tree at the approach to the jeepney station

A two shot collage of the sunset from my new room - yet again on the 20th floor - four out of four for fabulous skylines- the photos were taken approx 30 minutes apart with the one on the right the later one - the same view but one taken on partial zoom and one not. 

Now am pretty sure you can work out where I am (if you haven't already) with the clues available     :o))

Yesterday was another skyline view from the 8th floor of the last hotel if you'd care to take a peek.

~ Anni ~

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