Where's BikerBear ..........

 ........... Now??   (WBBN).

20/26 .............

A redundant title again ...........  well done to those of you who guessed Manila in the Philippines and especially to those who got my hotels (Skeena), Terrifo and Yorkshirebred who got Manila and also AngelsShare who cleverly got the Farmers Market in Quezon City yesterday. 

Spike decided to have a chill-out by the hotel pool for a couple of hours early this morning before we head off to our fourth country and fifth hotel on this trip.
He was happy to take his shirt off but insisted on covering his modesty for the photo!!!!  ;o)    
He couldn't use the suntan cream as it would have "soggied" his fur but he has a nice tan to start with so didn't really need it.
In the extras is the pool we enjoyed - sixth floor of the hotel (Novotel) where there was a nice breeze to offset the 34C (96F) temperature.

Thank you all so much for your comments and stars ......... Part Four  (the final part) starts tomorrow (although we will be there very late tonight).

~ Anni & Spike ~

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