The exotic game of Mahjong!

I have always loved the Mah jong tiles.  When I was little my Tante Marie used to let me play with her wonderful set which was kept in an inlaid wooden box with at least four drawers.  Probably brought back from China by my Grandfather who used to captain ships trading with the Far-east. That set never came my way but when the children were growing up we bought a set with which we still play on very rare occasions.  We use an easier game play than the original which is vaguely reminiscent of Rummy!

This is for Mono-Monday - exotic! Thank you Nickimags888 for hosting the MM challenge during March!

A good day spent mainly working on the course - only tomorrow left!  We did go into town to buy tubes etc to repair the kitchen light  It's very bright now!  Also had lunch in town at the Olympus.

Hope you all started the week in a good way!! xxx

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