Night Shot of Selfridges

It has been an interesting day!
I had arranged to go to the Photography Show on Birmingham to meet up with Blipfriends and maybe do a little (or a lot) of shopping!  Not feeling 100% today I almost didn't go but, in the end, I survived the day.  My phone did not!  It is somewhere in the great hall of the Photography Show because when I came to get it out of my bag at the end of the day - lo and behold- there it wasn't!  I am optimistic it will be handed in to Security, although I did check everywhere I had been - I suspect I didn't put it away carefully enough and it fell out of the bag.  Train tickets on the phone so I had to buy another ticket!

On the plus side I have bought an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II which will arrive at the end of the week AND a new printer which will do excellent mono prints when that arrives in a few weeks time; the deal was so good that all stock had been sold out - no matter, I can easily manage.  I don't quite know where it is going to fit - but I'll find somewhere.

At the end of the day, heading for Moor Street Station, I remembered I had no blip!  Selfridges was looking beautiful and quite different to its usual grey - job done! Fortunately I had my compact camera with me. I would like to do more night photography in Birmingham but I think I'll wait until it's a little warmer!

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