Amelia the Horse

I visited the Wycombe grandchildren today and we all went to a play area known as Odds Farm. It was once a real farm but has now become a play area for families.  It probably started out as a few animals to feed plus a few swings and slides but has now morphed into an excellent soft play area with cafe as well as plenty to do outside - more adventure play plus all sorts of animals to see and feed.  With the snowy and extremely cold weather today, I think most people stayed indoors.

Odds Farm is celebrating its 25th Birthday and so gave the children goody bags - one item in the bag was an animal mask.  We were not exactly sure which animal is being modelled here by Amelia - a horse I think.  My daughter, Fay, (mother if Sophie and Amelia) is off to America tomorrow for work and is (she admits) looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet!

Between teaching my pupil near Risborough and getting to Wycombe, I stopped very briefly at a wooded area for some snowy tree images.  I saw a technique combining three exposures so I had a go - more effort needed I think! (extra).

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