Well, the 45mph gusts didn't materialise; someone swapped it out for rain. Or driving drizzle, to be precise.

We've both said how much the hills resemble the Red Cuillin on Skye. Well today, we had the typical weather to accompany it. Thankfully with more warmth and zero midges!

We set off in the dry but as we gained some height, the cloud level dropped in to greet us and we headed to Tinajo in the wet. Luckily, the first road through the Park was dry and we could see something because by Tinajo, it had all come in again and it accompanied us all the way back through the Park. 

It was a really atmospheric and, I have to say, enjoyable ride but it was not in the least bit conducive to stopping, with the waves of heavy drizzle coating us in the incessant wind. I'm quite daring taking my camera out in the wet but it sadly stayed firmly ensconced in its housing across the plateau. We need to cycle this road again!

Thankfully, the descent down to the coast was dry and it was just cloudy for much of the afternoon. Lunch, an hour in the jacuzzi and a hot shower gave the sun time to reappear for an hour's sunbathing before dinner. 

Rich has coped with two days consecutive cycling without showing too many signs of flagging so I'm building him up for a big day in two days time with a short ride to lunch and back tomorrow.

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