If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Leucojum vernum

After my couple of days "off" pursuing an interest in Lichens with the Cumbria Wildlife Trust it was back to the jobs which need done.  Clickychick and I started the day at the Lodge continuing the fitting of new wooden surrounds to the footpaths.  The work went better than I had expected but still a long way to go.

Being Thursday I usually spend the afternoon/evening with Kanyl so we took the opportunity go to the Lodge and collect bags of leaves for him to convert (hopefully) to leaf mold.  We have only 2 broad leaved trees and both about 1.25 m (or less).  The leaves blow from all over a variety of species beech, sycamore, sweet chestnut and Scarlet Oak to mention just a few.  Sometime I am going to go on a windy day and stand and throw them in the air hoping they will move on.  Today's collection after going through the leaf vac was 3 full (squashed down bin bags full) and there is at least as much left.

Being short of a blip I wandered round Kanyl's garden.  I spotted these Leucojum vernum (Spring Snowflake) and I knew I had never blipped them before.  Native to central and Eastern Europe they flower early and make a change from the ubiquitous snowdrop!

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