Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Made a REAL effort for blip today... drove out 30kms to capture the Burj Al Arab as it was going to be lit in Pink every Thursday of October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, today is the day before Eid so it was green and had a different message on it! Oh well. Click here to see what they were doing.

We started to drive back when the lights changed to pink so turned round. Jellyfox captured the Burj, whilst I got the hotel opposite it. Both spectacular buildings in their own right. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is built in the shape of a wave and is one room wide, so every single room faces the sea. The Burj Al Arab was designed to be Dubai's iconic building and is built in the shape of a sail on its own man-made island. You can see both buildings here and here.

Gs radiotherapy rash is healing very well. Forgot to say; yesterday whilst I was having my haircut, she had her head shaved for the second time. All to have stronger hair when it grows back. I'm going to blip her soon, once I figure out background and lighting...

PS. Not sure how many of you know which Eid this is but in the Muslim world, there are two big celebrations, one after the month of fasting (Eid Al Fitr) and this one after performing the Haj (Eid Al Adha). It is also the Feast of Sacrifice and today as we set out, we saw a (rather tall) goat chained to a pole near our laundry. Yikes! Should have blipped that, except there wasn't any pink near it.

PPS. It is also my 200th entry!! Just been reminded by blip... I had thought of doing something special but Pink Challenge has sort of taken over everything! Not that I'm complaining! ;)

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