Breakey Blips

By ElizabethB

What to do on your day off.

I have been waiting patiently, well almost, for my day off this week. I have worked hard preparing for Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter, so a break was required. Not necessarily a rest, but a change of action was my plan.

A few weeks ago, I shared a "Before" picture, well, this is the "During" shot. All the pink treated wood needs to be painted and also the floor/ceiling of this little mezzanine.
I have completed 95% of the first coat, and the 2nd should be faster. The particle board flooring just sucked up the paint.
I forgot what lousy painter I am when it comes to edges and why David always encouraged me to leave a 10 cm gap that he could carefully fill. Ah well, I have done my best, and a damp cloth does wonder for mistakes.

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